Hello Fitlandians and welcome back to the podcast! This is episode number 78 and today my best is Brooke Alpert, Registered Dietitian, nutrition consultant, and author of The Diet Detox.


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So today I’m here with Brooke Alpert. Brooke is celebrating the release of her new book, The Diet Detox and is a Registered Dietitian. Welcome, Brooke!

For those who are new to the podcast, Fitlandia is all about NOT dieting…so it was a natural fit to invite Brooke to the show when I discovered her new book. Let’s have Brooke talk a little bit about how this book came to be.

Brooke says she has been a Registered Dietitian for 10 and ½ years and has owned her own private practice that entire time. Her focus is in weight loss…she helps people lose weight but not with harmful dieting. After the birth of her 2nd daughter, she had the hardest time losing the excess weight and was feeling quite like a fraud in her business.

She was feeling uncomfortable in her own skin and after a few months of trying to lose the weight the right way, she started to feel a little crazy. She was tempted to reach for the quick fix…and she truly understood the headspace that many of her clients are often in. She eventually had to sit down and have a real talk with herself about doing it the right way…the diet manifesto…the 10 rules to lose weight the right way for good.

So what are these 10 rules?

Brooke’s 10 Rules to Stop Dieting

  • Protein Source and Fiber Source on Your Plate, Always
  • Watch the Starches (Breads, Potatoes, Squash, Pasta, Etc.)
  • Need to Have Fat on Your Plate (Eat REAL Food)
  • Clocking Your Meals (Eat on a Schedule for Even Blood Sugar Levels)
  • Watch the Sugar (It’s an Addiction-See Previous Book, The Sugar Detox)
  • Intentional Indulgence (There’s a Time and a Place-Know Your Triggers)
  • Drink Water (So Simple Yet So Neglected-Hunger, Energy, Immune System)
    1. Waterminder App
  • Exercise (Move Your Body-HIIT Suggested-Listen to Your Body)
    1. 7 Minute HIIT Workout App
    2. Aptive App (Treadmill Workouts)
  • Supplement Smartly (Ideally all Nutrients from Food but 4 Essentials and 4 Bonus)
    1. Essential 1: FibHer (8g Fiber and Protein in Water)
    2. Essential 2: Nightly 1 (Multivitamin for during night-time restoration process)
    3. Essential 3: BeautyFlora (Prebiotics and Probiotics)
    4. Essential 4: Fish Oil (Nordic Naturals suggested)
  • Get Good Sleep (Epidemic of Sleep Deprivation-We Need Rest for Health)
    1. Sleep Foreplay (no blue light/screens before bed)
    2. Get a Minimum of 7 Hours…Aim for 8!
    3. Sleep cold (63-68 degrees Fahrenheit)

Recipes/Owning Your Cooking:

What does intuitive cooking mean? Tapping into your inner wisdom of what your body is needing at each moment. Cooking doesn’t have to be overwhelming and it can actually be really meditative and calming.

Brooke talks about the 5 ingredient recipes in her book to keep it simple and delicious…and realistic for everyone! There are 45 recipes in her book and broken up into Protein, Fiber, and Starch so you know exactly what is on your plate each time. It’s all about connecting to your food, connecting to your body, and cutting yourself some slack! Make the best choices that you can…no one is perfect. Don’t feel guilty, just do your best in each situation.

Bonus Advice:

  • As soon as you feel guilty about what you ate, weight will be seen on the scale. If it will have any ripple effect on your next meal, don’t eat it.
  • We should be working through the day, optimizing how we are going to sleep well tonight.
  • Go back to the basics of being mindful about what you eat and do.
  • Remember that this isn’t rocket science, it is just food! You can do this and there is no need to overthink anything. Just EAT REAL FOOD and the rest will come.

A big thanks to Brooke for sharing all her wonderful advice and for helping us realize once again that health and wellness doesn’t need to be complicated. Again, you can find Brooke’s new book, The Diet Detox, on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and loads of other retailers and learn more about her and her work on her website b-nutritious.com! You can also follow Brooke on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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