Welcome to the Fitlandia Summer Series. Christa is prioritizing her self-care and taking a bit of a twist on the show by gathering the greatest insights and wisdom from her week in Fitlandia, delivering it to you as you continue your health, wellness and weight loss journey.


On your journey to creating a healthy lifestyle, you’ve got to know when to understand and reframe excuse-making, self-sabotaging behavior versus when to honor your body. In this episode of the Fitlandia Week in Review, I’m sharing a wall I hit with a flare up of my Hashimoto’s and how I allowed more rest to get through it quickly and easily.

Here’s what else you’ll learn from the show:

  • Where I’m at on my journey to become fitter by 46 than I was at 26
  • How to honor your body
  • The importance of enjoying the process to your vitality
  • My amazing power-sessions at Portland startup, Ruby Receptionists
  • How to reframe negative thoughts, turning them into positive ones that support your goals – the TWO-WEEK challenge to change your life
  • My incredible podcast show with Chris Zaino, due out Fall 2018
  • Another incredible story of transformation with Sean Harvey and his powerful loss of over 100lbs in 22 weeks using the ketogenic diet

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