Hey everyone, this is episode number 95 of the Fitlandia podcast and today we’re going to teach you how to liberate your inner hero to keep moving forward on your health journey. My guest today is Dr Chris Zaino and I just know he’s going to inspire you with some really awesome tips and techniques help you deeply connect with that amazing superhero that’s in each of us!

Episode highlights:


When it comes to the patient’s time as humans, our brain is always looking to close the loop. So we automatically want to set expectations such as we say this in our head. “Well, I’ve worked long enough. I worked hard enough, I invested so much money, I thought I would have been further along”, right? Yes. And then you start doubting yourself. Maybe this isn’t working, is it my hormones? Is there something else? And then you start second-guessing. But when you really think about, well, who set the expectations? Where I tell people anytime they start the health journey, number one…

…it’s a journey, not a destination.


I’m really big into like when we make an agreement, you could let me down, but listen, I don’t want you to let yourself down because if we start to break agreements and promises with ourselves, then we, we kind of build the habit of starting something and stopping.


So the bump in the road isn’t a failure. It’s called tuition. It’s called a learning experience. The bump in the road. Like, you know, if I fall off my diet and eat something I shouldn’t and I wake up the next morning and my hands are swollen, I feel horrible because I had a lot of gluten or dairy and, and you know what I hate that feeling, I say I don’t like this feeling.

And so now not only do I know what I don’t want, but then I decide, you know what I like is feeling a lot better…you know, I like feeling good!


I love visualizing yourself and your goals. Get the vision to the point where all your senses feel it. Like literally the vision, you feel it, you get the goosebumps, your body, physically, your body literally gets into a physical response to the vision you smell, you feel, and …

…all your senses literally get activated in this clear picture. And then you become inspired by your future self, right? 

Connect with Dr. Chris Zaino at https://www.drzaino.com/ and on Instagram @drzaino


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