Welcome to episode number 96 of Fitlandia Podcast. I’m super excited because today we have another story of transformation. My guest today is Sean Harvey and I just know he’s going to inspire you and give you insights that are going to keep you moving forward on your own journey. I met him a few months back at Leanne Vogel’s Ketogenic Diet Cookbook tour here in Portland and he and I were waiting in line to meet our idle and after talking with him for just a few minutes, I knew I had to have him on the show. So after he listened to this episode, please head over to iTunes and give a rating and review and let Sean know what you got out of today’s episode.



There were a number of things that had been put in front of me to help with my wellness. And then a really good friend who is a holistic nutritionist just one day – and I don’t know what it was about this day or what it was about these words that she said to me, but she just said, “Hey Sean, let’s do keto together.”

I’ve only ever heard of it in a couple of fitness communities, so I had no idea. It might as well have been a martial arts or something like that for me. But I was like, oh sure, let’s do it. I had no plan. And this was a plan and I had someone who was going to do it with me. And so I just said yes. And uh, it’s been almost 22 weeks this tomorrow we 22 weeks and that’s changed my life.


I lost a good friend to cancer and that was very difficult. It hit me in a different way too because he was a healthy guy. He’d made a lot of the right choices. He’s very athletic, very active, and he got taken super young from cancer, which something he couldn’t control. And then here’s me tempting fate with all the things I can control. So it kind of shook me awake in, into action.


I looked at what I could gain from it and it seems like such a simple thing. But like you mentioned, the brain is super powerful. And when you speak words of positivity and words of affirmation as opposed to the negative side, it causes a reaction in your body that moves you forward in the direction you want to go.


I’m starting to feel like I’m stepping out of that prison cell that I’ve been in for so long and understanding what freedom looks like for me. And I think my heart is opening up to more possibilities and more ways in which I can affect change for others and let them know that it’s not hopeless.