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Today we are here with Allison Pelot, a fellow Portland-based fitness guru and amazing holistic nutrition and fitness coach. We are so excited to talk about achieving hormonal balance with nutrition strategies. Can’t wait!

Allison has a flourishing physical practice here in Portland where she hosts classes, offers nutritional and functional training as well as offering one on one coaching. She has been studying the biochemistry of the body for around 10 years now and applies this knowledge to help people feel and perform their best.

Allison explains how she has seen many people struggle with digestion, even including foods that are considered health foods. Things like nuts and seeds, raw veggies, and grains tend to be difficult for digestive systems to process the nutrients properly and can often cause severe digestive discomfort.

Allison’s Process:

The typical process that Allison walks clients through checks these four boxes:

1) Discover Your Digestion: She encourages clients to keep a food log as well as a log of their temperature and pulse to discover how their physiology is responding to the food they eat and what patterns are noticing.

2) Cut Back: Reduce the consumption of common causes of discomfort like fried foods. It is important to meet the client where they are at to promote success.

3) Introduce Helpers: Allison advocates for consuming a raw carrot each day to introduce good bacteria back into the gut and remove the toxins that can cause imbalance and discomfort.

4) Find the Culprits: Find what works for your body and what is causing it to struggle to digest. Not all foods are created equal or elicit a positive response in your body.

Some of Allison’s Favorite Easy-to-Digest Foods:

o   1 Raw Carrot Each Day

o   Coconut Oil/Butter

o   Root Vegetables

o   Fruits (Oranges!)

o   Dairy (Cheese, specifically)

o   Bone Broth

o   Gelatin

o   Shellfish/Oysters

It is important to note that, as we’ve learned in the podcast many times, not all methods are right for all bodies. This is shown in the differing opinions and strategies of nutrition and wellness experts. So what can we all agree on?

2 Things that ALL Nutrition Experts Agree On:

  • Food Journaling is SO important
  • Add more Vegetables and Whole Foods

Allison makes the point that while the therapies for better digestion tend to be rather simple, the things happening in your body are extremely complex. Everyone’s body is different so discovering what works for you is the most important thing. Your body will do its job if it is given the right tools.

Understanding and Combating Hormonal Imbalance:

In terms of hormone imbalance, this principle is also true. The body is always working to regulate itself, and it does so by creating many necessary hormones in the liver. Some very common symptoms of hormone imbalance include:

o   Low Energy Levels

o   Low Immunity or Frequent Colds

o   Sleep Disorders or Low Quality Sleep

All About Sleep:

The importance of quality sleep is huge! A common problem for those who struggle with sleep is poor blood sugar regulation. This is caused by not eating frequently enough during the day or having an imbalance of hormones because of the foods you are consuming. Your liver needs the proper sugars and nutrients to produce hormones not only during the day, but also at night when you sleep.

Allison offers some extremely helpful tips on getting a good night’s rest:

o   Create a winding down routine

o   Eliminate blue light (or use blue light glasses) a couple hours before bed

o   Use natural lighting or salt lamps in the evening

o   Spend time reading or relaxing before sleeping

o   Drink a comforting glass of milk and honey before bed

o   Spend time meditating to wind down

The most important thing to remember is to find what works for you!

You can find Allison’s awesome work at her website at pureenergypdx.com. Allison also hosts her own enlightening podcast, Integrate Yourself, which you can find on iTunes, Android, Stitcher, and Youtube.

Be sure to check her out to get a sneak peek at the new course she is creating all about Better Digestion for Hormonal Balance. She offers the first lesson for FREE on her YouTube channel to give you a taste.

Thank you SO much to Allison for this amazing chat and be sure to connect with me on the Fitlandia Facebook Group for motivation, support, inspiration and much more.

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