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Recap from the video:

The upcoming Mind Zoning Academy is going to be on 10/10/18 with the topic: “Healing Your Inner Child.” I won’t get into the whole ins and outs of inner child work here as they’ll be covered in the workshop, but I want to give you some Mind Zoning Mantras that are going to help you prime your mind for that workshop. The first thing to know about connecting with that inner child is to first become aware that each of us has an inner child.

We have past experiences that are shaping how we show up in the world today. It shapes our perceptions about fitness; about what we eat; if we think healthy means hard; if we think it’s easy; or for those of us that are emotional eaters, many of it started in childhood, so those formative years of when we had upsetting times and our parents gave us food to self-soothe.

Those events created neural pathways in our brain that show up today when what we really needed and wanted as a child was love, acceptance, and affection – things that many of us didn’t get taught or didn’t get enough of. 

So in this month’s Mind Zoning Academy, we’re going to do this beautiful meditation that’s going to teach you how to recall those memories and give our inner child what it really needed at that moment.

We can start that healing process so that we can show up differently in our adult lives, showing up differently in the way that we consciously want to.

When we say we want to be healthy; when we say we want to move every day and that we want to eat a whole foods’ diet. And when we want to do meditation, right? We know all the things we’re supposed to do, but why aren’t we doing it? We must heal that inner child. 

So I’m going to guide you through that meditation and then you’re going be able to get that mixed recording of it so that you can develop this technique and do more healing work as other things start to pop up.

Time for your Mind Zoning Mantra for this week. All you have to do is repeat this to yourself. Whenever you think about it. Whenever you think of me. Whenever you think of Fitlandia. Whenever you think of your inner child. Whenever you think of what’s going to motivate you to keep moving forward, it’s going to be simple…

“I become aware of my inner child.”

As you go throughout this week, just say to yourself, I become aware of my inner child. I become aware of my inner child. When you continue to repeat this to yourself, you’re going to be surprised at what happens in your mind. You’ll start to recall memories. You’ll start to recall experiences that relate to where you’re finding a lack in your life today. Whether it’s I can’t sleep well, whether it is I’m not creating those healthy habits that I want to, whether it’s man, my energy is zapped and I’m irritable all the time.

You’re going to start to see how some of that is connected to your inner child and then when we get together in The Mind Zoning Academy, you are going to start to feel the difference after doing some healing work with that child.

It’s such a beautiful technique that I did often with my individual clients, but now I want to bring it to all of you and the Mind Zoning Academy.

The next one is on October 10th at 5:30 PM Pacific Time. Enroll for your free trial at 

Again, today is just saying to yourself, “I become aware of my inner child” and then next week 10:00 AM live Pacific time I’m going to give you a new Mind Zoning Mantra that’s going to take it to level two, preparing you for The Mind Zoning Academy.

I can’t wait to see you all next week. Thanks so much for tuning in. Make sure you tell your friends and family and share this video so that they can come and join each week and get a dose of motivation that we all need. I’ll see you then.

I’ll see you soon, Friend!