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Thanks for visiting! We’re on a mission to end dieting, starting from the mind out. With that, we’re excited for opportunities to share our vision and offerings to help people make permanent lifestyle changes and end the vicious dieting cycle.

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The Fitlandia story.

143 lbs Fitlandia AboutMy name is Christa King, CEO & Founder of Fitlandia.

I’m also a recovered dieter.

I had struggled with my weight since childhood. Even though I was incredibly athletic, losing and maintaining a healthy weight was almost impossible. As my life got more chaotic and intense from climbing the corporate ladder and living a go-go-go lifestyle, my body, mind and soul were left completely out of balance.

After reaching my highest weight of 192, I hit a wall and was determined to crack my own code for a making a permanent lifestyle change. Leaving a corporate career behind, I became a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, nutritional therapist and group fitness instructor.

By putting these pieces together, I saw what was truly missing in the diet and fitness industry a holistic approach, starting with the mind. My weight loss journey, and continued health journey, is what built this innovative platform that I’m so proud to share with you.

The problem with the diet industry.

As we sit here, over 108M people in the United States alone are currently on a diet, but nearly 70% of them are projected to suffer with the guilt, shame, and frustration of “failing” to reach their goal. But it’s the $64B diet industry that is failing them.

Diets fail because most people are unaware of their deep-rooted thoughts and behaviors related to food and exercise. When the will power runs out, old patterns kick in.

Our solution.

We have to create a new path for the brain to follow – a healthy path. Fitlandia is the only holistic fitness solution to offer audio recordings that create new thought patterns in the brain. We call this Mind Zoning® and it’s our key differentiator.

We also provide nutritional support through educational webinars, meal plans and seasonal recipe e-books. And there’s a Community forum moderated by nutritional therapists, giving our members a place to connect for support and inspiration, making them 3 times more likely to succeed at achieving their goals.

I’m proud to share my mission to end the vicious dieting cycle for millions by providing the holistic tools and resources people really need to make a permanent lifestyle change.

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Christa King’s Bio:

Christa King is the CEO & Founder of Fitlandia. She’s also a recovered dieter. After reaching her highest weight of 192, she hit a wall and was determined to crack her own code for a making a healthier lifestyle change. Leaving a successful, 23-yr career in hospitality behind, she became a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, and nutritional therapist. By putting these pieces together, she saw what was truly missing in the diet and fitness industry: a holistic approach that starts with strengthening the mind. Her signature Mind Zoning® process helps people create new neural pathways in the brain to enable them to make a permanent, lifestyle change.


Unlock the power of your mind to get fit today and stay fit for life. 

Fitlandia is the only holistic online fitness platform that incorporates the 4 cornerstones of fitness to make a permanent lifestyle change: Mind Zoning® audio sessions to create new neural pathways in the brain; nutritional guidance with our 30 Days to Thriving program; exercise guidance; and a community forum moderated by expert practitioners.

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