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//Fitlandia Food Guide

Fitlandia Food Guide




Specific food groups may have negative impacts on the health and fitness of many individuals, without them even knowing it. Often these include sugars, dairy, grains, alcohol, and legumes.

  • Have you noticed your energy levels fluctuating throughout the day?
  • Have you noticed aches and pains when you wake up? Maybe they persist throughout the day?
  • Have you had a hard time losing weight no matter how hard you workout?
  • Have you had medical issues that don’t seem to improve with medication?
  • Problems with fertility, skin, digestion, or allergies?

Without realizing it, many of these issues may be related to the food that you eat. The only way to determine whether that’s true is to eliminate them from your diet. The goal of this plan is to help you cut out all the foods that may be disrupting your hormones, preventing the healthy gut bacteria, or causing inflammation in your body for the next 30 days.

Following along will help you heal and recover from years of damage caused by these foods. You’ll reset your metabolism, relieve inflammation and learn how foods affect your life day to day, and over the long term.

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