By Christa King, Fitlandia

11 Small Steps to a BIG Healthy Lifestyle Transformation (with tips to take action!)

What do you feel when you think about a “healthy lifestyle?” Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Exhausted?

I get you. Life gets crazy and before you know it, you are feeling like you don’t even know who you are anymore. Where is that healthy, happy, stress-free person you used to be? That person feels like a stranger now and you just don’t know how to get them back.

Well, never fear! Take a deep breath and check out these 11 easy, yet totally effective steps to help you craft the lifestyle transformation you are yearning for.

  • Develop A Positive Attitude

First thing’s first, you can’t craft an effective healthy lifestyle for yourself until you learn to leave negativity behind. You need to be open to and believe that you can live a lifestyle that puts health and wellness first.

Take Action: To get started simply try to notice when you are thinking or saying something negative. When you notice it, direct your mind to think of something positive instead. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

  • Conquer Self-Sabotage

Whether you realize it or not (a lot of this happens subconsciously), you spend a large percentage of your day tearing yourself down; telling yourself you aren’t good enough or wishing you were different. You can’t be your true best and healthiest self until you get rid of these tendencies and learn to love who you are right now.

Take Action: Spend time being aware of your self-sabotage. Do you believe you’re worthy of health and vitality? What benefit are you getting from seemingly unhealthy patterns? Looking deep down into the reason behind your actions can help you consciously prevent them from continuing.

  • Release Shame

Being out of shape or losing touch with your past healthy self can bring with it a great deal of shame. Don’t let this control you! You can’t effectively move on to your new healthy self without first being in a healthy relationship with yourself. There is a reason we seek comfort in sugar, processed foods and/or alcohol. It’s ok to acknowledge that, then look toward healthier alternatives. Releasing shame sure change what will happen in your future…the return of your own vitality!

Take Action: Realize you are not the only one who feels shame, everyone does to a certain extent. Take time to note how you’re feeling when you engage in patterns that you want to change. Then make a list of things you could do to replace that (socializing, quick workout, meditation).

  • Get Your Stress In Order

In the modern age, stress is everywhere. It can have a seriously negative impact on your life and health. Staying on top of what is stressing you out and learning constructive ways to cope with it does wonders for the mind and the body…and makes crafting a healthy lifestyle that much easier.

Take Action: Make a list of your top three stressors during your day. Then spend some time brainstorming how you can effectively reduce those stressors. Making space for some me-time each week is a great way to safely and effectively cope with the effects of your modern stress-filled life.

  • Create Healthy Boundaries

Personal boundaries are severely underrated in our culture. In order to know what you want your life to be like, you have to know what to include…but also where to draw the line. Taking time to make a note of what you want your day (or life) to look like and sticking to that does a great deal of good.

Take Action: Work on learning to say no to others so that you can put yourself first. You are the only one who can control your own life, so finding time to move, eat healthy, and feel happy should be some of your biggest priorities. Sometimes that doesn’t align with what others want…and that’s okay.

  • Harness The Power Of Your Mind

The biggest barrier we face when crafting healthy changes is in our mind. Our brains are wired to stay constant and they fight hard against change. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can use the power of your brain to rewire thought patterns to support healthy habits…and enjoy it, too.

Take Action: Taking time to check in with your subconscious mind and work on creating new brain patterns via meditation is the biggest catalyst to healthy changes you can possibly embrace. Check out Mind Zoning for a holistic approach to a healthy mind, promoting a healthy life. One of our favorites: Healthy Suggestion Surge.

  • Become Mindful of Your Food

Your health and wellness relies on the food that you put into your body. You’ve heard this many times, but it’s time to come to terms with its truth. Obesity causes a plethora of preventable diseases that you have the power to combat with your food choices. Choosing “whole food” options and eliminating (or at least significantly limiting!) your sugar intake is a great start.

Take Action: Commit to food journaling for at least one week to see what foods work for you and which your body would prefer you eliminate. Make notes of everything you eat, when you eat it, and if it contains any of the most common inflammatory and allergen foods (grains, legumes, alcohol, dairy, eggs, sugar, and soy). Grab your copy of Strategic Vitality Lifestyle Planner & Journal (Volume 2) to make it easy!

  • Adopt An Active Lifestyle

Movement is essential for all humans. Our bodies are made for it! The trick to a healthy lifestyle is finding movement that works for YOU. What do you enjoy doing? An active lifestyle doesn’t have to mean doing an hour of cardio everyday. If you enjoy walking, walk. If you enjoy swimming, swim. The key is just to move daily, it’s that simple.

Take Action: Writing out a weekly calendar for your daily movement is a great way to encourage yourself to commit to completing it everyday. Once you know what you are planning to do to move each day, it is easier to transfer that to your daily schedule and make sure there is time for it!

  • Find Your Tribe

find your tribe

Crafting and following through with any lifestyle change is so much harder to do by yourself. Don’t go it alone! Find a local or online community where you are comfortable sharing your wins, struggles, thoughts, and goals. They will hold you accountable and you will feel good doing the same for them.

Take Action: Practice sharing your goals with someone, whether it be a friend, neighbor, spouse, sibling, parent, child, or fitness community. They will help hold you to what you say and you are guaranteed to be more successful because of it. Having trouble finding your tribe? Check out the online Fitlandia community in our closed Facebook group and get inspired today.

  • Own Your Unique Journey

One of the most beautiful gifts we can give ourselves is to honor that our journey is unique. Our lifestyle, DNA, past, and goals are different from another’s – and that’s okay! Comparing yourself to others is not constructive…but being proud of your own journey (the good, the bad, and the in between) is extremely empowering!

Take Action: Keep a journal of your emotions, your wins, your lessons, your choices, your changes and more during your journey to a healthy lifestyle. It is wonderful to reflect on what you have done and see how far you have come…and be incredibly proud of it!

  • Share Your Vitality With Others

Working to craft your healthy lifestyle is no small feat. What you are working on can be incredibly inspiring to others. Don’t be shy! Share your story and what has worked for you in hopes of helping others get started and avoid the overwhelm that so often comes up when it comes to taking back your vitality. Bonus: it also helps you stay accountable and continue to improve YOUR wellness.

Take Action: Try writing down your wellness journey. Where did you begin? Where are you now? Where are you going? If you feel comfortable (and you should put yourself out there!) try sharing on social media or with a close friend…after all, you want your loved ones to feel fantastic, too

Ready for more? Check out Fitlandia’s debut book: Strategic Vitality: 11 Small Steps to a Big Transformation (Volume 1) The book and companion Lifestyle Planner are specifically designed to help people overcome the overwhelm of crafting a healthy lifestyle by breaking it down into easy to read chapters with action-oriented workbook exercises.


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About The Author:

Christa King is the founder and CEO of Fitlandia, an online holistic fitness solution that focuses on the four cornerstones of health: proper nutrition, daily movement, supportive community, and most uniquely, the power of the mind. Christa is the creator of Mind Zoning , audio recordings much like guided meditations that unlock the subconscious and help to build new thought patterns to facilitate healthy choices for a life of vitality. Follow Christa on Instagram to keep up with her healthy habits @fitlandiafitness and get a weekly dose of education and inspiration from her on the Fitlandia Podcast.