Eat Right. Get Healthy. Live Your Life.



Break out of your habits and routines. Relieve pain and symptoms. Have more energy.

Are autoimmune symptoms holding you back from activities with your family and friends?

  • Tired of chronic pain and GI symptoms?

  • Does fatigue and brain fog make it hard to focus?

  • Is it hard to get out of bed in the morning?

  • Do you wake up multiple times at night or have trouble falling asleep?

  • Is stress and overwhelm a big part of your life?


You shouldn’t have to live your life wondering where the closest bathroom is or not wanting to leave your house because of pain and severe fatigue. The way we treat autoimmune disease right now often leads to more medications and more symptoms and you feel worse than when you started.

But you can change that.

With just a few simple lifestyle and nutrition changes you can be feeling better in just 30 days.

The Autoimmune Breakthrough, by Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen DC MS a Functional Medicine practitioner, is a self guided online program and a self guided 30-Day Nutrition and Lifestyle ebook designed to give you the solutions you need to improve your autoimmune disease at your own speed, starting right now.

She will walk you through some of the most common causes of autoimmune disease throughout the course and give you solutions to get you feeling better.

What Is Included in This Program?

4 Weekly Videos on Autoimmune Disease with Dr. K

100 page Ebook-Food Guide and Program Guide

Daily Readings with Tips, Tricks and Lifestyle Hacks

Autoimmune Friendly Recipes

Grocery Lists

Supplement Guide

Dr. K's 30 Day Anti-inflammatory Meal Plan

Foods to Enjoy/Avoid

Lifetime Access to the Fitlandia Facebook Community

8 Mind Zoning® Meditations

Also Included:

Bonus # 1 A full "detox your home" guide

Bonus# 2 Getting Started Checklist

Is This Program For You? Common FAQ:

I don't have an autoimmune disease, can I still benefit from the program?

Yes! The entire program is designed to be anti-inflammatory and works well as a complete 30-day nutrition and lifestyle reset.

I am ready to make a change in my lifestyle and nutrition, but I am worried I am going to be overwhelmed. 

The program is designed to take it at your own speed. You can go through the full 30 days or you can tackle it piece by piece through out several months, making small changes each week. In just 2 months you will see lasting improvements in how you feel.

I am tired of taking medications, will this get me off of them? 

You will need to work with your physician if you want to change your medications. It is advised that you consult with your physician prior to making any lifestyle or nutrition changes. This program will help support your body through a healing process. If your doctor made a suggestion to change your diet and lifestyle, but didn’t give a whole lot of guidance as to how to do that, this program can act as that guide.

I have always wanted to strive for wellness. Will this help me do that? 

Absolutely! We hope you join us!

"After going through Dr K’s program I’ve finally hit my goal weight. Her method and approach is SO different. She taught me not to focus on my weight, but to focus on my health. She teaches you how to identify how food makes you feel, so you want to make better choices and how to make healthier choices part of your lifestyle. Her programs are full of encouragement and packed with information. I always learn something new about myself and my body when I go through her programs."

Join us in the Autoimmune Breakthrough with Dr. K


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